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Project Kings Point Residence

Specifier-Sussan Lari Architect-Roslyn,NY
Contractor-RBJ Contracting

12” Interlaken Square Catch Basin grates Raw Cast Aluminum 356
Heat treated to T6
SOE stainless steel frames

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Project-Essex County Parking Garage-Newark NJ

Specifier-French & Parrello Associates
Contractor-Terminal Construction Corporation

Spin 4' x 4’ Heel Proof Tree Grates with Baked On Oil Finish
E Frames Cardinal BR47 Special Rust Texture

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Stacks Image 6493854
Stacks Image 6493860
Stacks Image 6493856
Stacks Image 6493858

Project-Morris Square/Jersey City, NJ

Specifier-Melillo & Bauer Associates
Contractor-Twin Resources

18” Diameter Custom Silicon Bronze Cast Medallion

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Stacks Image 6493889
Stacks Image 6493891
Stacks Image 6493895
Stacks Image 6493897
Stacks Image 6493893

Project-Highland Park/Brooklyn, NY

Specifier-NYC Parks
Contractor-2 Saab Construction

Que 4/5” x 24” Raw Cast Iron Heel Proof Black Powder Coat with “E” Frames

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Project-Garrison Playground-Bronx,NY

Specifier-NYC Parks
Contractor-Vernon Hills Contracting Corporation

Que 5” x 19.6” Raw Cast Heel Proof
Note:We shipped as BOOF and they sprayed Black once in the field.

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Stacks Image 6493954
Stacks Image 6493956
Stacks Image 6493958
Stacks Image 6493960
Stacks Image 6493962

Project-Greenpoint Landing-1 Blue Slip-Brooklyn,NY

Specifier-James Cornerfield Operations
Contractor-Steven Dubner Landscaping

12” x 20” Regular Joe Trench Grates Heavy Duty,Raw cast Aluminum 356,Heat treated to T6

There were a total of 8 grates (4 areas of 2 each on street)
This is the first of (3) areas (2 additional streets with similar layouts to follow in 2021)

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He is a member of NJRPA, NJ-ASLA and Downtown New Jersey.

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